Fruitful artistic residencies create new paths. They don’t just offer conditions to the protagonists so that they continue doing what they’ve always done. They don’t just offer a mere change of scenery. At Imaterial, the basic idea is simple: to create encounters between polyphonic singing traditions, starting, of course, with the Cante Alentejano traditional singing.

When we look at local cultures we often find similar expressions and languages. That shortens the physical distance separating the peoples. We find that there is always more uniting us than separating us.

Over the course of some days, the residencies will provide a place of meeting and dialogue overcoming any communication difficulties that might arise. Music, as we well know, cuts across different cultures and languages and provides great depth in understanding in situations where words would manage to say very little. Something that through music vocabulary is quickly grasped.

Music can easily take us all on a journey towards a new geographical soundscape.

After the completion of the residency, the joint works will bear public fruit through a concert, open to all audiences, to all those who wish to witness the music resulting from this collaboration. Because it is always by listening to others that we learn more about ourselves.